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    What is Bitcoin Burials?

    What is the supply for Bitcoin Burials?

    Where can I mint some?

    You keep saying you are the first 10k Ordinal collection with on-chain metadata, what does that even mean?

    I just got myself one and I heard these have Obituaries made by public figures predicting Bitcoin's demise tied to them, how can I see those?

    I just want to explore the collection and see if there's anything I fancy listed for sale on all the marketplace, is there a way to do that?

    Hey I saw on your twitter you have open sourced the sales bots you have created. That's cool, where can I find them?

    Hey I own a Burial, do I retain rights to the art?

    I have a question that's not covered here, how do I reach you?

PreRune Mining

    What is Rune Mining?

    What is PRE Rune Mining?

    How does it work for the Bitcoin Burials and Boneys?

    Are there anymore ways to increase my mining BOOST?

    How many Runes do I mine per Bitcoin block?

    How do I claim my runes?

    Can I pair my Burial/Boney up more than once?

    Can I sell my Burial/Boney if they are mining Runes?